How to Configure AWS CLI on Your Computer

You need to first set the AWS CLI on your system. Here is the guide on how to install AWS CLI on your system

Now that you have AWS CLI installed, let’s configure it with the access tokens from our AWS account.

Login to your AWS console, on the top-right, click on your Profile > Security Credentials.

Scroll down to find the “Access Keys” section and create a new access key. Now check the box accepting that you know what you’re doing and click on create access key.

Remember, Keep these access keys and access secrets safe, this gives root access to your AWS account and allows all actions on your cloud.

Keep those Access Key IDs and secrets on your notepad, we’ll need those when configuring the CLI. You can export these values as a CSV using the button below after you create.

Now, head on to the terminal on your computer and run the below command

aws configure

It will ask you for your AWS Access Key ID, Secret Key, Default Region Name, and output format.

This configuration file will be created at “.aws/credentials”. You can easily change them from there as well and restart the terminal to apply the changes.

Now AWS CLI is configured and you can perform actions using the CLI.

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